‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Reveals More About Ghost Rider In This Brand New Clip

Despite coming back next week, Agents of SHIELD has done an admirable job keeping the thrust of its latest arc under wraps. We know Ghost Rider is coming, that he’s the most recent version of the character, and that’s about it. A new clip, though, offers us some insight into what’s going on, and it turns out this Ghost Rider is a bit more visceral than some incarnations.

Most attention-getting is the blood-spattered semi trailer Mack and Coulson uncover. Ghost Rider hasn’t usually been an outright murderer, even in his darker versions; usually if somebody dies, it’s either an accident as they’re going after or running away from Ghost Rider, or somebody else bumps them off. Then again, the show’s staff promised something darker for Agents of SHIELD‘s new 10 p.m. time slot, and hunting down a demonic serial killer definitely fits the bill.

The main question will be where it develops from there, and how deep into Ghost Rider lore they’ll get into. Former Ghost Riders tend to pop up in the current one’s life in some form or another, so, we hold out hope against hope that Nicolas Cage will appear to talk about the Spirit of Vengeance. Hey, we’ve got to get something out of those movies.

(via Twitter)