Ghost Rider Has An Unlikely New Partner On ‘Agents Of SHIELD’

Agents of SHIELD is taking an odd twist when it comes back in September. Ghost Rider, a magical being, is going to be front and center, in part because Marvel’s got a movie about a certain smug doctor coming out in November. And it turns out this won’t be the SHIELD team chasing yet another superhero. Instead, according to Chloe Bennet, Daisy on the show, it’s because Quake and Ghost Rider are having a good ol’ Marvel team-up.

Bennet talked about the show’s fourth season and where Daisy, who, uh, did not end the third season in a great place emotionally, is at in terms of her mindset:

She’s gone rogue. She’s hurting. She is in pain… I think she feels like when she gets close to people they die or something bad happens to them. Wherever she goes, death follows… …she’s become even more powerful. But that doesn’t come without a cost. I think you’ll see right away the repercussions of her powers not being monitored by SHIELD and you really see how SHIELD is necessary for people with powers.

Reinforcing the idea that Daisy has taken to hanging out with a new crowd, footage has been posted on Instagram showing Bennet clinging to the top of Ghost Rider’s Dodge Charger. Whether they’re chasing an enemy or squaring off isn’t quite clear, although it is broad daylight, and Ghost Rider isn’t noted for his daytime wanderings. We’ll find out Sept. 20.

(Via Blastr)