‘Almost Human’ Fans Step Up Their Campaign For A Second Season

I figure since I bitched so mightily about the lack of effort that goes in to an “online petition” to try and bring a canceled show back (Veronica Mars fans had to be shaking their heads at Almost Human fans, I swear), I thought it only fair that I bring up a new campaign that has a lot more promise.

The blog “Almost Human Fan Con” has compiled a list of addresses at Warner Bros., with new VP of public relations Dee Dee Myers as their main target. (Warner Brothers produced Almost Human, so it makes more sense to request they take their show elsewhere then to try and complain to FOX.) There’s a pre-written letter you can copy and paste if you don’t know how to express your anger about your favorite amputee and his robot buddy cop being ripped from your airwaves. There’s also printable postcards and one of those is a little movable leg (fantastic) by illustrator thenizu.

There have been “tweet-outs” and pushes to sign that online petition all summer, but just yesterday Almost Human Fan Con put out a fairly comprehensive list of who to target specifically at Warner Bros.

Bonus: With SyFy revealing their intention to go back to the kind of quality television they started with Battlestar Galactica, it only makes sense to try and get a second season of Almost Human placed there. It’s shot in Canada, after all, SyFy LOVES shows shot in Canada.

Dear SyFy, the average viewership of Almost Human was 5.5 million people. The finale of Battlestar Galactica brought in less than half of that. YOU TWO SHOULD TALK.