Watch The Sad Downward Spiral Of Rickety Cricket On ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

01.16.17 3 years ago

The greatest thing about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is that it’s nothing if not reliable, as our own Brian Grubb noted in his review of season 12, “Everyone is still just awful and terrible, to each other and anyone they come into contact with.” Over the course of the show’s now 11+ seasons the gang has been really terrible to a lot of people they’ve come in contact with, but perhaps no character has suffered the brunt of their depravity quite like Matthew Mara, a.k.a. Rickety Cricket — played tragically by David Hornsby. And now, thanks to the above supercut titled “The Devolution of Rickety Cricket” making the rounds on Reddit, we can fully witness Cricket’s sad downward spiral in all its glory.

When we first meet Cricket in season two, he’s an upstanding member of the clergy who sadly throws it away for his unrequited love for Sweet Dee. And as you can see, things only go downhill for the poor guy from there. He eventually turns to a life drugs and prostitution on the streets, suffering every atrocity and indignity known to man — usually either directly or indirectly at the hands of Charlie, Dee, Dennis, Mac, and Frank.

You’d think a guy has hit his rock bottom when he ponders, aloud, whether or not his gaping neck wound looks like a dog’s vagina, but incredibly that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

(Via Reddit)

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