So It Begins: Amazon Plans To Deliver Items In 30 Minutes Or Less With Drones

On this weekend’s episode of 60 Minutes, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled Amazon Prime Air, their plan to eventually deliver some packages within 30 minutes via drones. They want to start delivering via drone as early as 2015, depending on new FAA regulations.

Amazon did not let CBS in on the news before the taping, and that only strengthened Rose’s reaction (“I had no idea what its purpose was at first glance,” he later admitted). According to the CBS write-up, Bezos even taunted producers a bit during a tape change: “If you can guess what it is, then…I will give you half my fortune and send you to Vegas with it.” [Ars Technica]

He left out the part about siccing an army of drones on them to take back the money.

Anyway, this surprisingly isn’t the first instance of a company planning to use drones for their deliveries. Dominos is already making plans to deliver pizzas with drones, and we’ve also seen the little buzzing bastards deliver burritos and beer.

Here’s a promo video from Amazon about the Prime Air service. That had better be a burrito in that wasteful plastic package.

We look forward to getting one of these notices.

And we all know how this is really going to end.

(Pictures courtesy of Amazon and @QuantumPirate. GIFs via Awkward Elevator.)