The Weeknd Performed A Song About Being A Virgin For ‘American Dad’

Fresh off his award-winning performance in Uncut Gems (he won the Oscar for Best Actor Doing Cocaine Off Julia Fox In a Bathroom), Abel Tesfaye, a.k.a. the Weeknd, guest starred on American Dad! as himself. The “Blinding Lights” hit-maker is a huge fan of the Seth MacFarlane animated series, telling Variety, “I’ve been watching since high school, but I really appreciated it about seven years ago. It’s been running for so long, and I feel like it has a real cult following. To really enjoy the show in its entirety, you have to really know the characters.” Characters like Stelio Kontos, Jenny, and the Majestic. (Seriously, American Dad! is a good show, no matter what you think of Family Guy.)

In Monday’s episode, “A Starboy Is Born” (which Tesfaye co-wrote with Joel Hurwitz), the Weeknd is kidnapped by Stan to teach Roger a lesson about following the rules; also, Hayley tries to indue the singer, only to learn his deepest, darkest secret: he’s a virgin. He even has a song to prove it, fittingly titled “I’m a Virgin.” The chorus goes like this:

“I’m a virgin
Never got close enough
Cell phone blowin’ up, but I’m waiting
For the right person
Tryna act super tough
But inside I’m a twelve-year old boy”

Also, the Weeknd named season five gem “The One That Got Away,” where Roger discovers that someone named Sidney Huffman has maxed out his credit card, as his favorite American Dad episode, so you know he’s for real. Listen to “I’m a Virgin” below.