Get A Look Into The Hotel Cortez In This ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Featurette

“This building has a heart, it’s black as an ace of spades… and you’re sleepin’ in it,” voiceovers Kathy Bates in the intro to this first look inside the Hotel Cortez, the titular location of American Horror Story: Hotel. Much like the Murder House of season one, it seems as though the Hotel Cortez is very much going to be a character unto itself this season, as the cast describes it as “a living, breathing beast” and a “hotbed of evil activity.”

The featurette also confirms our suspicions that this is not just going to be the creepiest and sexiest season, but also the gaudiest — as it is clear that Ryan Murphy (and FX, by proxy) has spared no expense, from the lavish set to costumes and makeup. Sarah Paulson elaborates, saying, “I think it’s going to be a very bloody season. It’s dark, it’s moody… it’s hot.”

To that point, here’s everything we’ve learned about American Horror Story: Hotel thus far:

Sounds like it’s going to be the most Ryan Murphy affair ever. Just a reminder, American Horror Story: Hotel premieres Oct. 7. Giddy-up!