Amy Adams Fans Stood Up For Her On Twitter After She Was Passed Over For Another Award At The SAGs


According to her Wikipedia page, Amy Adams has won 37 awards. That’s out of 131 nominations, going all the way back to her breakthrough, 2005’s Junebug. That means she wins about a third of the time. And yet people on Twitter have it in their head that the acclaimed actress is the Susan Lucci of movies: Always nominated, never winning. (Though the soap star did win a Daytime Emmy once, in 1998, out of 21 times.)

So when Adams lost once more at this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards — this time for her harrowing work in the Gillian Flynn miniseries adaptation Sharp Objects — social media lost it.

The award for Best Actress in a TV Movie/Miniseries went to Patricia Arquette, for Escape at Dannemora. Some wished it had gone to Adams for her HBO miniseries, in which she played an alcoholic crime reporter investigating the murders of two young girls in her hometown. All the while, she unravels spectacularly, not the least due to reuniting with her domineering mother, played by fellow nominee Patricia Clarkson.

Yes, Adams lost, and yes, she has plenty of trophies to console her. But perhaps it’s because most of those aren’t major awards. Adams has been Oscar-nominated six times (including this year, for Vice), but has never won. She has, however, won two Golden Globes — consecutively, too, for American Hustle in 2013 and Big Eyes in 2014. But she’s also had ten Golden Globe nominations, meaning she’s lost on major awards shows way more than she’s won.

So feel bad for Adams, even if she is technically an award-winning actress several times over.

Some pointed out that this one has really got to sting.

Or that she should have been rewarded for her brilliant and insightful portrayal of someone with mental illness.

Anyway, don’t fret, because we’ll surely all be back here next awards season.