Amy Schumer Lived Out A Dream By Taking Over The ‘Judge Judy’ Set For A Day

With Snatched hitting theaters this weekend, Amy Schumer is likely living the dream by sharing the screen with a legend like Goldie Hawn. But on Tuesday, Schumer got another gift from her career in the form of a visit with Judge Judy. Schumer got a chance to stand behind the plaintiff’s podium, pal around with bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd — the world’s richest bailiff, so much that he refuses to reveal his salary — and even sit in the throne of Judge Judy herself. While you usually have to fake a fight with some friends and concoct a story about a headless cat to end up on television, Schumer has the kind of status that apparently affords her access and the ability to skip being yelled at by the judge.

The comedian even has some fun with Byrd and his idiosyncrasies, scolding him for handing her a note while looking at her. When you’ve been doing the job since 1996, there’s no need to break the habit. The only things Schumer doesn’t get to do is swim around in Judge Judy’s money vault like Scrooge McDuck and get berated for her poor life choices in front of a national audience.

Either way, this is a successful visit to the studio. Nobody was embarrassed and nobody got tossed out unceremoniously. That honor still belongs to this defendant who incriminated themselves or this guy in the fake audience:

(Via Today)