Amy Schumer Lived Out A Dream By Taking Over The ‘Judge Judy’ Set For A Day

05.10.17 11 months ago

Ay yo what up Byrd!

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With Snatched hitting theaters this weekend, Amy Schumer is likely living the dream by sharing the screen with a legend like Goldie Hawn. But on Tuesday, Schumer got another gift from her career in the form of a visit with Judge Judy. Schumer got a chance to stand behind the plaintiff’s podium, pal around with bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd — the world’s richest bailiff, so much that he refuses to reveal his salary — and even sit in the throne of Judge Judy herself. While you usually have to fake a fight with some friends and concoct a story about a headless cat to end up on television, Schumer has the kind of status that apparently affords her access and the ability to skip being yelled at by the judge.

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