And Now, ‘A Few Good Men’ Reenacted By John Oliver’s All-Dog Supreme Court

Two weeks back John Oliver issued a challenge: Take the video from his all-dog Supreme Court and dub in the dull, dry audio from actual Supreme Court oral argument, with the goal of getting your average Joe Webclicker more involved and interested in the issues of the day. A bunch of people stepped up to the plate and followed the instructions to the letter, but one genius renegade rulebreaker went ahead and took it to the next level by dubbing in the famous “You can’t handle the truth!” scene from A Few Good Men. Yes. YES. The only negative here, and it is a stretch, is that until very recently no one thought to dub this scene over dogs EVEN ONCE in the 10ish years that YouTube has been around. We should all be ashamed of ourselves.

And speaking of being ashamed of ourselves, Oliver himself highlighted this clip during his episode from this past Sunday, and the Internet is only just now getting around to doing its viral-y thing with it. This is, to be clear, completely unacceptable.

Source: Buzzfeed