Anderson Cooper Thinks A Quart Of Milk Costs $500, Doesn’t Know Who Tony Romo Is

Dave Letterman had Kathy Griffin on The Late Show last night — which finally returned from holiday hiatus — where she recalled her experience hosting this year’s CNN New Year’s Eve coverage. If you’ve never tuned in for CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage, the long and the short of it is that Kathy Griffin basically just embarrasses the hell out of a mortified Anderson Cooper for several hours. Pretty enthralling stuff, suffice to say.

This year sounds like it was no exception, as Griffin recounted to Letterman how she dyed the Silver Fox’s hair a patriotically jaunty red, white and blue on air; made him cry by putting him on the spot live asking him how much a quart of milk costs; and ridiculed him for not knowing who Tony Romo is (he guessed a barbeque chain). And while I don’t think he honestly thinks a quart of milk costs $500, it’s evident that Anderson Cooper really has no clue how much milk costs.

(Via Pajiba)