Anna Kendrick Is Super Sorry For That Damn ‘Cups’ Song

Before “Let It Go” took over the world like a snow white plague, children riding in cars with their parents everywhere listened to “Cups” on repeat. At first, the song from Pitch Perfect was cute, a fun distraction from Radio Disney robots named Cody and Ashton. Plus, hey, Anna Kendrick! Thinking about Anna Kendrick is never a bad thing. But eventually, after listen 43,928, Mom and Dad began to go crazy, and not only banned the song from ever being played in their minivan again, but also don’t use cups anymore. We’re a hands-in-cup-shaped family now.

Kendrick is well aware of the harm she caused. On last night’s Late Night With Seth Meyers, she apologized for the song, saying, “Girls will come up to me and say, ‘I can do the ‘Cups’ song, and I did it at my talent show,’ and then the other thing I get is dads coming up to me and saying, ‘Yeah, my kid does ‘Cups.’ It was cute, at first.’ So sorry, I am so sorry.”

Now, it’s your turn to beg for forgiveness, monster who wrote the Caillou theme.