No One Enjoyed (Or Was Turned On By) ‘Grease: Live’ More Than Anna Kendrick

The ratings for Grease: Live aren’t in yet, but considering it got more action on Twitter than Kenickie did on prom night, it’s safe to say there are many more live musicals coming our way. In fact, Fox reminded Danny and Doody shippers every five seconds that Tyler Perry’s The Passion, which tells the “2,000-year-old story of the last hours of Jesus Christ’s life on Earth through a variety of popular music” (and also Daughtry), premieres March 20.

Speaking of: If there’s a God, Anna Kendrick will live-tweet Tyler Perry’s Madea’s The Passion with the same passion she did Grease: Live.

The prototypical theater kid spent most of the musical on her phone (as did Lin-Manuel Miranda and Billy Eichner), tweeting out gem after gem about wanting to have sex with nerdy Eugene, and the orgasm-less Sandy, and Danny (especially in his short shorts), and pretty much the entire cast.

Here’s some of Kendrick’s best work.

The guy who played Eugene should probably check his DMs this morning.

A sneak peek at The Passion:

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