Anti-Gay Pastor Arrested For Allegedly Groping Man In Park. Of Course.

Pastor Gaylard Williams has a whole lot of explaining to do. Williams, an Indiana pastor who preaches against the dangers of homosexuality, was arrested last week for reaching into a stranger’s window and forcefully grabbing a man’s testicles while asking for oral sex.

WLKY Louisville reported that the incident occurred at Cypress Lake Park, when the 59-year old knocked on a 27-year old man’s window. When the man rolled the window down, Williams reached in and used the man’s genitals as personal stress balls, and asked if some mouth action was in the cards. It wasn’t.

The victim promptly called authorities, giving them Williams’ description and license plate. Williams had his first day in court, where the original charge of sexual battery was changed to battery. In his defense, The Praise Cathedral Church of God pastor said that he merely touched the man on the shoulder, and he was at the park to visit a “friend”. When police confronted Williams at the park, the pastor admitted to having pornography in his car, which he claims he was bringing to someone else.

The 27-year old victim told police that Williams was “barking up the wrong tree.”

Pastor Williams was released on a $355 bond, and will be back in court to answer to the charges in February.