‘Archer’ Awakens Its Hero From His Long Coma In The Trailer For Season 11

A lot of movies and show have been affected by the pandemic, and one of them was H. Jon Benjamin‘s other beloved cartoon, Archer, FXX’s long-running spy comedy. Once upon a time its 11th season was to bow on May 6. But once the nation and industry went into lockdown, that had to change, due, the network said, to “production challenges and scheduling issues.” But it’s still happening, in September, and the show released its action- and gag-packed trailer as proof.

The ad was dropped on Friday night, during the show’s Comic Con panel. It finds our functioning alkie spy hero awakening from a coma, unsure of who he is. But he evidently snaps back into place quickly. One reason Archer has kept its quality control highover its decade-plus existence is by reinventing itself, taking big risks and refusing to give fans the same-old. But it looks like the show is returning to its roots, with some changes. (Cyrill has abs now, for one.)

During the Virtual Comic Con panel, Team Archer revealed that the first two episodes will premiere on the same night, on September 16. There will also be at least two big guest appearances, from Jamie Lee Curtis and Simon Pegg.

You can watch the trailer in the video above. Archer returns on Sept. 16.

(Via EW)