‘Archie’ TV Series ‘Riverdale’ Has Found Its Betty And Teen Heartthrob Jughead

Via Lili Reinhart on Instagram/Getty Image

I hope you’re all wearing your weird paper crowns, because today is apparently the day for Jughead-related news. A while back, it broke that Fox was working on Riverdale, a dark, Twin Peaks-inspired take on the Archie universe. The idea is Riverdale will pierce the all-American, small town facade and expose the weirdness brewing beneath, because sure, that’s what we all wanted back when we were reading Gals ‘n’ Pals double digests as kids. Since the initial announcement in late 2014, we haven’t heard that much about Riverdale, but apparently the project is still alive and has found its Betty and Jughead.

Lili Reinhart (The Kings of Summer, Surviving Jack) will play Betty Cooper, who in the Riverdale universe is a keener with a massive crush on best guy pal Archie. In order to turn his eye, she decides to drop the good girl image and seeks advice from new friend Veronica. Okay, well, that sounds more or less like prototypical Betty.

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Disney Channel vet Cole Sprouse will play Jughead Jones, who has been re-imagined as a “philosophical heartthrob,” who is no longer friends with Archie. Huh. So, I’m assuming this version of Jughead isn’t asexual? Or maybe he is? Just tell me he likes burgers, okay? Give me that much.

Riverdale is being written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Chief Creative Officer of Archie comics and produced by Greg Berlanti, the man behind Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl.

What do you folks think? Ready for philosophical heartthrob Jughead? Eager to explore the seedy underbelly of Riverdale? I’m not sure if I am, but I suppose if I want to watch a TV show that’s just like classic Archie comics, I can just catch some old episodes of Saved by the Bell.

(via Deadline)