All The ‘Arrested Development’ Quotes You Should Still Be Using In Every Day Conversation

09.17.14 4 years ago 87 Comments


Arrested Development is undoubtedly one of most quotable television programs in history. People like to say that if you blink while watching you’ve likely missed a joke, which is true because it’s so densely joke-ridden that no matter how many times you’ve seen an episode, you can still discover new lines, or visual gags that have breezed right by you before. Here we take a look at 25 well-known Arrested Development quotes that you should still be using in everyday conversation.

“I’m a monster!” — Buster

Everyday use: When you can’t go out looking like this.

“Steve Holt!” — Steve Holt

Everyday use: Any social gathering.

“I mean it’s one banana Michael. What could it cost, $10?” — Lucille

Everyday use: On payday.

“Baby you got a stew going.” — Carl Weathers

Everyday use: Ten days from payday.

“Do these effectively hide my thunder?” — Tobias

Everyday use: Anytime you try on new pants.

“I hear the jury’s still out on science.” — GOB

Everyday use: Anytime someone tries to counter you with facts.

“Why are you squeezing me with your body?” — Michael

Everyday use: Anytime you take part in an awkward hug.

“Army had a half day.” — Buster



Everyday use: Whenever someone questions why you’re there.

“No touching!” — Prison guards

Everyday use: Any public gathering.

“Say goodbye to these!” — Kitty

Everyday use: Farewells and break ups.

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