‘Arrested Development’ Has A Roaming Announcement Of Season 5’s Premiere Date That’s Gonna Get Hop Ons


Arrested Development‘s unique way of announcing season five’s premiere date is gonna get hop ons. It also might take down a few banners if the driver isn’t paying attention. Mostly, it’s going to be embarrassing for the son of whoever’s driving it. Either way, the most important detail here is the information that’s on the side of the stair car: #AD5 – May 29. Netflix. Baby, we’ve got a stew goin’, and we’ve got a season five premiere date.

Here are two images from the Bluth stair car sitings in New York City:

Mitch Hurwitz promised that season five would be coming “real soon” when he made the announcement that he would be releasing the re-cut version of season four in honor of Cinco de Cuatro. It would’ve been an appropriate surprise to turn around and release season five the day after Cuatro considering season four ends on May 4th, but we’ll gladly take this May 29 premiere. It gives everyone a solid amount of time to binge the entire series from the beginning, or at the very least watch the new (and arguably better) remixed version of season four.

Until May 29, comes around, it’s safe to assume that Arrested Development is going to step up their marketing game and hopefully sell some branded beads, or bees. Maybe some honey. I would probably by a Big Bear plushie, too. Old Big Bear. He likes the honey.

(Via Reddit)