Australia Gets All The Good Banned Condom Commercials

These days, “banned” is usually another word for “viral marketing,” so we’ll have to take Four Seasons Condoms founder Graham Porter at his word when he says, “The creative was intended to run on free-to-air TV as a 30-second ad, however CAD knocked it back asking for the removal of all sexual references.” Aw, “creative.” That’s adorable. Those Australians can get away with anything, like “come again soon” puns in condom commercials.

One of these days, I’d like to see an ad that really pushes the “banned” label. Here’s my pitch: “OK, so, like, there’s this kangaroo that’s getting rammed by a wallaby that’s missing an eye. Meanwhile, the sky is raining fire and naked, festering AIDS zombies are coming out of the ground, grabbing onto the dresses and pants of humans who are unlucky to still be alive. Oh yeah, and Hitler’s making out with this underage black Jew orphan in front of a bus that’s about to plunge off a cliff while a Nickelback song play. And that’s when you see the Nike logo.” Emmy, please.

(Via Ad News)