There’s A Baby Yoda Christmas Ornament You Can Make Yourself Thanks To An Artist From ‘The Mandalorian’

Jon Favreau famously convinced Disney to make a tactical decision and not make Baby Yoda merchandise before The Mandalorian hit Disney+ last month. It was a move that cost the company millions of dollars in merch revenue but also kept quiet what has become one of the most beloved Star Wars characters in the franchise’s history.

Missing out on that sweet holiday gift money has certainly made some Star Wars fans anxious to get their hands on anything Baby Yoda, even if, unfortunately, that means counterfeit products. But just in time for Christmas, showrunner Jon Favreau and artists behind the Disney+ hit have come up with a craft project to put Baby Yoda on your Christmas tree.

Favreau tweeted out a template for a holiday ornament that puts Baby Yoda, in its floating crib, on your tree by way of a papercraft project.

“Get your scissors and tape,” Favreau tweeted out along with a #HappyHolidays and a credit to the artist who came up with the design, Landis fields. It’ll take a color printer — a rarity in many homes these days — and some folding but it’s a fun project that reaps some serious Christmas cred, especially if you’re sharing the holidays with some big Star Wars fans.

It’s a really cool idea and a fun project that gives fans something they’ve been desperate to get their hands on: holiday-themed Baby Yoda merch. So if you see big lines of folks waiting to print a single color page of foldable Baby Yoda at office stores this holiday season, now you’ll know why. And how to join them in one of the more festive papercraft projects in recent memory.