The Best Action TV Shows On Netflix Right Now

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best action shows on netflix

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Last Updated: April 29th

Escaping a hail of bullets, being tailed in a high octane chase, and diving out of the way of an enormous explosion is probably incredibly stressful in real life, but as something to gorge on in a Netflix binge session? It’s fine and dandy like sour candy. If you’re in need of binge-worthy action TV gold, we’re here to help. We’ve cherrypicked fifteen of the best action shows on Netflix to obsess over.

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3 seasons, 53 episodes | IMDb: 8.7/10

Netflix’s first foray into gritty R-rated style Marvel superhero thrills was everything promised and more and it managed to pull it off without that bitter 2003-y Ben Affleck aftertaste. Clocking in at two seasons and counting, lawyer-by-day and crimefighter-by-night Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) seeks justice and gets into some wicked fight sequences in the process. Daredevil knows how to play things delightfully pulpy and season one has a masterclass in top rate villainy courtesy of Vincent D’Onofrio as intimidation personified in the role of Wilson Fisk. Superb.

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Jessica Jones

2 seasons, 28 episodes | IMDb: 8.1/10

Smart, daring and sometimes REAL damn uncomfortable, Jessica Jones more than holds up its end of the bargain as a noir-drenched detective tale. Krysten Ritter is remarkable as the titular private eye who finds herself confronting a supernaturally persuasive bundle of evil from her past. Melissa Rosenberg’s take on the comic isn’t shy about diving into weighty issues, so if you can handle some wild crimefighter sex (with Luke Cage, no less!) in your comic book TV, you can also delve into the horrors of PTSD, assault, and abuse in your Marvel programming. Jessica Jones makes for gripping television and essential television too.

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