The Best Drama Shows On Netflix Right Now

05.22.19 2 months ago
best drama shows on netflix


Last Updated: May 22nd

Drama. We might not like it in our own lives, but we crave it in our TV shows. A good drama is a bingeable, magical unicorn. It allows us to escape the real world for a bit, to become immersed in the inner workings of someone else’s life. They make us think, they make us cry, they ask grand questions about life and treat us to onscreen meltdowns that feel particularly satisfying. A good drama ticks off all the boxes. Netflix knows that. It’s why the streaming giant has collected a slew of award-winning shows to house in the category.

Here are 10 of the best drama shows currently streaming on Netflix. Get to bingeing.

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Breaking Bad

5 seasons, 62 episodes | IMDb: 9.5/10

By now, we probably don’t have to map out the plot of AMC’s Breaking Bad. The drama, about a family man and ailing science teacher (Bryan Cranston) who launches his own drug empire in order to make secure his family’s financial future has won enough awards, spawned enough memes and made it onto enough “Must Watch” lists to secure its place in the annals of television. Instead, let us wax poetic about Cranston’s performance as a tortured everyman forced to sell drugs to support his family before falling prey to the alluring and addictive criminal underworld. While we’re at it, we’ll also mention Aaron Paul’s turn as Jesse Pinkman, a drug-addict-turned-dealer who becomes the surprising hero of this story thanks to the emotional weight Paul brings to portraying him. Watch this show if only to see what two truly great actors can do with a worthwhile script.

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