There Will Be No ‘Better Call Saul’ In 2019

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When we last left Better Call Saul, Jimmy McGill — who never quite got over his brother’s death, or the shadow of his brother that hung over him — had fully transformed into Saul Goodman. We haven’t got a ton of details about where Better Call Saul will be headed in season five, though it appears that Saul will explore the relationship between Kim and Jimmy now that Jimmy is Saul.

Unfortunately, fans of the series are going to have to wait for a while before the next season of Better Call Saul arrives on AMC. During an earnings call with AMC this week, we learned that the Breaking Bad spin-off will not be returning in 2019. The head of AMC, Sarah Barnett, would not offer anything else about the series, except that talent concerns drove the decision, and that Saul is closer to the end than it is the beginning.

The move actually makes sense. The series has taken longer in the last two seasons than the first two seasons (seasons one and two began in February, while season 3 began in April and season 4 in August). We’re it to follow a similar schedule, it would premiere in October, which is when The Walking Dead typically debuts, so it’s probably best to hold it until either the interim between the two halves of The Walking Dead or April 2020, when The Walking Dead is wrapping up its tenth season.

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