Bill Burr Explains To Stephen Colbert How The Times Square M&M’s Store Has Made Us Soft

Bill Burr was in a lovely mood on Friday’s edition of the Late Show, even if host Stephen Colbert couldn’t quite decipher that from the comedian’s accent. Burr was on the CBS program for a bit of chat and to promote the new season of his Netflix animated series F is For Family, but there was time for an observation about New York City’s most troubling issue: The cultural shift that came in with the candy stores in Times Square.

Burr, who has never angled to be the cutest cuddlebug in comedy, vented his frustrations about what a plague groaning customers have been for comedians in New York. Comparing notes with Colbert over what New York City was like in ’95 versus now in terms of city culture, Burr’s found things have changed. When he first moved he found the crowds to be scary, challenging and a very difficult place to stand-up. 20 years on, audiences have gotten a lot more sensitive in Burr’s view.

“I was doing stand-up locally and people were groaning in the crowd at jokes,” observed Burr. “I’ll tell you what happened. There’s an M&Ms store in Times Square now and that just kind of affected everybody, their mindset. And everything now is just like ‘OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!”

We’ll let Burr explain and make a portion of the crowd uncomfortable in the process.