The ‘Billions’ Season 4 Trailer Lets Paul Giamattii Do His ‘Happy Dance’

Damian Lewis & Paul Giamattii are back for another season of Billions, and this time it seems like they’re more friends than foes. The addictive Showtime drama offered viewers another wild ride in Season 3, and this time it seems the predator and prey are working together to settle some scores.

The show has come a long way since it was Chuck Rhoades and Bobby Axelrod squaring off, as evidenced by the two minute sneak peek at what’s to come in Season 4. This time it’s Rhoades coming to Axelrod for some help, with both sides hopefully gaining from the deal.

“Here we are: friends,” Rhoades says. “I need your assistance.”

The season will entail much more than just one meeting, but it sets the stage for what looks to be another gripping season of the critically loved drama. There are yachts, fast cars, and lots of concerned looks from the show’s main characters. There’s also an appearance from John Malkovich, who wants to make sure you don’t forget about him here. It looks like another season of deception, deals and bending of the rules is ahead.

And most importantly, the trailer ends with Axelrod and Rhoades shaking hands, with the latter saying “thank you” to the former.

We’ll find out exactly what’s going on come March 17, when Season 4 finally hits the airwaves.

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