Billy Eichner Asks His Most Important Question Yet: Do Gay People Care About John Oliver?

HBO’s Last Week Tonight is on hiatus until February (after saying a hearty “f*ck you” to 2016), not that Billy Eichner cares. The Billy on the Street host is gay, and he cares “very much about gay people,” but do gay people care about John Oliver? In a clip from an upcoming episode of the truTV series, Eichner hit the streets of New York with Oliver to ask gay men whether they give a crap about The Smurfs 2 star, who once described himself as a “near-sighted parrot who works at a bank.” The answer is, overwhelmingly, “No.”

Most of the interviewees don’t even know who Oliver is. Now, Wendy Williams on the other hand… They love Wendy Williams. I’ve always said that about John Oliver: He’s won multiple Emmys and a Peabody Award, and Last Week Tonight is essential viewing, and he was great on The Daily Show, and he’s in one of the best episodes of Community, and he was named one of Time‘s “100 Most Influential People” of 2015, but he’s no Wendy Williams.

On the bright side, the gays, Nicki Minaj, and Donald Trump (now there’s a dinner party for the ages) finally have something in common.

Poor John. At least he has that Smurfs money to keep him warm at night.