Welcome To The Internet, Where Bo Burnham Is Releasing His ‘Inside’ Comedy Special As An Album

Welcome to the internet, where all anyone can talk about is Bo Burnham: Inside. Filmed in quarantine, the special “exists at the cross-section of comedy, anger, and stir craziness while wrapping moments of pathos and eviscerating social commentary with colorful kaleidoscopic projections and musical vivacity,” as our own Jason Tabrys wrote in his glowing review. In other words, it’s very good. Also, there’s a song about every white woman’s Instagram with the lyric, “Some random quote from Lord of the Rings / Incorrectly attributed to Martin Luther King / Is this heaven?” Like I said, very good.

Inside is also being released as an album, which is excellent news for everyone who’s had “How the World Works” stuck in their head for the last two weeks (justice for Socko). “inside (the songs) is out as an album on thursday. sorry for the delay,” Burnham tweeted along with a link to the album, which will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

Netflix hasn’t revealed how many subscribers have watched Bo Burnham: Inside since it came out, but the official “Welcome to the Internet” video has 4.3 million views on Netflix’s YouTube channel and Google searches for the word “derealization,” which Burnham mentions in the special, have spiked this month. Thank you for the content, Bo.