Bob Odenkirk Is Ready To Get Back To Work (And Here’s The Photo To Prove It) On ‘Better Call Saul’

The pop culture masses held their collective breaths back in July on the news that Better Call Saul star (and sketch comedy icon, and freshly minted action star, and I Think You Should Leave cameo assassin) Bob Odenkirk had suffered a small heart attack on set. But now, just five weeks later, he’s back, ready to wrap up the home stretch for everyone’s favorite future Cinnabon employee.

While there had been confirmation (via Den Of Geek) that production had continued during Odenkirk’s recovery (with filming on scenes that didn’t require his presence), it was an open question as to how long he’d be out. The phrase “serious as a heart attack” exists for a reason and any kind of cardiac rehab can be timely and arduous. So it’s a great sign that Odenkirk is tweeting out his return with a little self-depreciation thrown into the mix as he compliments show makeup artist Cheri Montesanto for making him “not ugly” before shooting.

The return to Saul isn’t exactly Odenkirk’s first assignment post-episode, though. If you want to call fielding a phone call from Paul F. Tompkins during an episode of The George Lucas Talk Show “work.” He’s also been tweeting out appreciation (in response to the outpouring of love and concern) while signal boosting up and coming comics, his son Nate, and his Mr. Show partner David Cross, who is apparently saving some potato salad for him (is this code!? Let’s get conspiratorial in the comments). By the way, Tweeting is work.

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of season 6, including a release date, a trailer, and the inevitable Jonathan Banks/Mike scowl NFT collection.