Bobby Draper Isn't Dead, And Other Revelations From The Latest Batch Of 'Mad Men' Stills

March Mad Men Marketing Madness Mania Month continues with a new round of stills from season six of the AMC series that probably don’t mean anything but won’t stop us from overanalyzing. For instance, in the banner image above, you see the happy Draper/Francis clan, practically dripping with eagerness to have their photo taken.

And then there’s Bobby and Gene Draper. One looks like a Pete Campbell in the making and the other belongs on a tin of Danish cookies. The Americans (and Sally Draper, for that matter) has proved that young kids don’t have to be a total waste of plot on great dramas, so c’mon, it’s about time Bobby D. got some love. How about an episode called “The Ghosts of Bobby Drapers Gone By,” in which the current Bobby Draper is haunted by the 93 former Bobby Drapers Mad Men has discarded like Betty Draper with so many bottles of wine over the years?

Until then, check out the other photos, including an appearance from Trudy Campbell.


Don and Megan are Michael and Jan in the “Dinner Party” episode of The Office. Fun fact: this photo was taken in Mr. Freeze’s lair from Batman & Robin.

I want to live in Stan’s beard. Also, if we were on Mad Men (I’m speaking for all UPROXX readers), we’d be in the background of this photo, out of focus and picking up a fallen billiard ball while the photographer says, “Cheese.”

Trudy and Pete like to have fun by camouflaging themselves as hideous wallpapers.

Mad Men is going to end with Peggy murdering Joan. Just you wait.

Pete Campbell doing his best Boyd Crowder impression.

Sally learned from the best when it comes to mastering The Bitch Face.

Guessing Betty isn’t the one throwing this party, considering the *whispers* black people in the background.

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