‘Bob’s Burgers’ Has The Poorest Viewers Of Any Current TV Show

If you’re a Bob’s Burgers fan, you’re probably someone who’d go to Bob’s Burgers for cheap burgers, cheaper fries, and cheapest conversations with Teddy. That’s because, according to the Wrap, the Fox animated series has the poorest viewers of any current show on the Big Four. But at least we have our integrity, i.e. we don’t watch Nashville.

The median Modern Family viewer in the 18-49 demographic rakes in $81,100 annually, according to Nielsen data. Bob’s Burgers watchers in the demo, on the other hand, earn around $48,000 per year.

Neither are particularly rich or poor — but the ratings company carefully tracks even minor differences in wealth because advertisers want to wring out as much as they can from the people who watch their shows.

TheWrap found the gap between ABC’s Modern Family and Fox’s Bob’s Burgers by looking at Nielsen’s average median income of primetime viewers this season for the four biggest broadcast networks — not including sports, specials, or awards ceremonies. (Via)

Or in boring list form, because us broke folk can’t afford fancy pie charts:


Modern Family, $81,100
Parks and Recreation, $81,000
The Amazing Race, $75,700
Nashville, $74,400
The Goldbergs, $73,900
60 Minutes, $73,900
The Mindy Project, $73,800
The Good Wife, $72,900
How I Met Your Mother, $72,900
New Girl, $72,700


Bob’s Burgers, $48,800
American Dad, $49,100
Family Guy, $53,400
48 Hours, $54,000
The Simpsons, $54,100
America’s Funniest Home Videos, $54,700
Ironside, $55,400
Undercover Boss, $55,800
CSI, $56,300
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, $56,300

Fox Sunday nights are the Wendy’s Value Menu of shows. Thing is, the Wendy’s Value Menu is delicious.

(Via the Wrap)