Boo-urns! Boo-urns! 20 Mr. Burns-Centric ‘Simpsons’ Episodes Everyone Should Know

08.25.14 5 years ago 25 Comments
With the Every Simpsons Ever Marathon on FXX in full-swing, we’ve been taking a look at some of the Simpsons episodes centered around specific characters. Now let’s turn our focus to Springfield’s richest and most powerful citizen that we all can’t help but love, Mr. Burns. Share some of your favorite moments in the comments section!

1. “Two Cars In Every Garage and Three Eyes On Every Fish” — Original Air Date: November 11, 1990

With the appearance of “Blinky” the three-eyed fish (a result of nuclear waste) this episode shows just how far Mr. Burns will go to cover up a mishap at The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Burns for Governor!

2. “Team Homer” — Original Air Date: January 7, 1996

You want $500 for you bowling team? Well then Mr. Burns demands a spot on that team!

3. “Bart Gets Hit By a Car” — Original Air Date: January 10, 1991

Mr. Burns will attempt to fire Homer any chance he can, even if he hit Bart with a car, and briefly killed him.

4. “Treehouse of Horror IV” — Original Air Date: October 28, 1993

In this parody of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Mr. Burns is Dracula, and invites the Simpson family to his mansion in Pennsylvania “for dinner.”

5. “Homer’s Enemy” — Original Air Date: May 4, 1997

Mr. Burns hires Homer’s far more competent nemesis Frank Grimes to work at the Nuclear Power Plant.

6. “Brush With Greatness” — Original Air Date: April 11, 1991

One nude painting of Mr. Burns coming right up!

7. “Blood Feud” — Original Air Date: July 11, 1991

If you’re Mr. Burns and one of your employee’s children donates blood so you can have a blood transfusion, all that deserves in return is a ‘Thank You’ card, right?

8. “Mountain of Madness” — Original Air Date: February 2, 1997

Mr. Burns and Homer are paired off on a company retreat(they have the best dynamic). Watch as they bond when they get stranded in the mountains after they cause an avalanche, and then totally turn on each other!

9. “Homer the Smithers” — Original Air Date: February 25, 1996

What does Mr. Burns do when Smithers takes a vacation? He hires Homer to take the job, of course! But Homer is so bad at the job (he catches a bowl of cereal on fire) that Mr. Burns almost becomes self-reliant.

10. “Burns, Baby Burns” — Original Air Date: November 17, 1996

Mr. Burns illegitimate 60-year-old son is in town, and Burns is embarrassed by his rudeness (somehow). In case you ever wanted to see a staged kidnapping, and a simulated gunning down of Homer by the police on The Simpsons, well this episode has that, too.

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