All The Times Brad And Jane From ‘Happy Endings’ Gave You Relationship Goals

Bickering couples are the bread and butter of the sitcom world. Whether it’s the eye-rolling chubby husband with the nagging out-of-his-league wife or the on-again-off-again couple, viewers are often forced to wonder why these characters are together and whether or not they actually like each other.

While there are a lot of things to love about the cult classic, Happy Endings, its subversion of this trope definitely makes the list. Look no further than Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Jane (Eliza Coupe) and you’ll see a genuinely hilarious couple that also happens to really dig each other. Viewers may not have been able to always tell whether they were angry kissing or regular kissing, but somehow you always knew that these two were going to make it.

Happy Endings may have ended, but the love still remains. If anyone can convince us that romance is not dead and buried, these two can probably do it.

They Don’t Waste A Magic Mike Moment

Sexual chemistry is clearly not a problem with these two. With their sexual one-upmanship and role-playing proclivities, Brad and Jane prove that things don’t have to get boring just because you’re married. Plus, Brad and Jane know that it’s a sin to waste accidental body glitter without the requisite thrusting. Whether it’s clown sex or “Thrilla In Vanilla,” the Williams keep it real.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

While their teamwork may make them unstoppable (and insufferable) on the tennis court, Brad and Jane are always looking for ways to become closer as a couple. Whether it’s indulging in each other’s hobbies — candle making for Brad, reorganizing container stores for Jane — or dominating everything they attempt together (except for that one disastrous game night), this dream team knows each other inside and out.

Unconditional Support

It’s important to have support in your relationship, and Brad and Jane are all about that. When Brad loses his job, Jane is there to pick up the financial slack and she also encourages him to find a job that he truly loves. Though Brad doesn’t love the feeling of being made to feel like a Trophy Husband around Jane’s coworker bros, he’s always proud of her success.

They also help to keep each other sane when dealing with their individual family craziness, proving that it is always important to have someone who really loves you on your side.

Fake Fights Turn To Real Fights

Too much fighting can be a warning sign, but it is still important for couples to hash out their issues. Yes, Jane may have attempted couples therapy without telling Brad, but these two eventually grew as communicators. They may have had to fake a few Spring Smackdowns and inadvertently let Chicago’s entire pigeon population into their snow apartment to get there, but these two always come out stronger and closer in the end.

Unconventional Beginnings

Not every couple has to meet a conventional meet-cute at a wedding. The dreadlocked Brad and the Stefani-channeling Jane certainly have come a long way since their chance encounter on the set of The Real World: Chicago in their younger days. Clearly, they were able to grow together as people and leave their questionable hair choices behind.

Inside Jokes

The couple that laughs together has a better shot of making it than not. Between jokes about LeBron and their weird improv phase, sometimes these two are the only ones who think the other is funny. But that’s all you want, right? Not only someone who laughs at your jokes, but for the laughs to actually be genuine.

Dedication To A Baller Lifestyle

Listen, Brad loves his lotions, creams, and a deep tucking polo shirt, while Jane runs their co-op like a tight ship. While they may have had to curb some of their “Of The Month” memberships, these two have similar ideas with how they’re going to run their household. It’s important to have a partner that is on the same page as you, especially when you’re considering raising a family and moving to the suburbs.

Calling Each Other Out

Everyone needs that someone in their life to call them out on their sh*t. Everyone has that tendency to take things a little too far. Whether Jane is leaning into her new chill lifestyle of eating nachos and dressing like a Turkish whoremaster or Brad is avoiding emotional intimacy with his father, their partner is always there to gently (or not so gently) push them in the right direction. As much as loving someone where they’re at is important, helping them become their better selves is even more so.

They Dig Each Other’s Specific Type Of Weird

Everyone has their thing. Luckily, these two are willing to go the extra mile to make their partner happy. Not as many dudes would be as chill about Jane’s life-size (and anatomically correct) Robo Brad and a lot of ladies would run the other way if they had to deal with Brad’s high maintenance style, but this is one couple that accepts the other and moves forward. She makes sure to schedule his haircuts s0 he doesn’t go full Gene Wilder and he deals with The Kerkovich Way of brainwashing. These two are truly TV soulmates.