Bran Stark’s Lurking And Creepy Stare Have Inspired Jokes And Memes After The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Premiere


Game of Thrones finally returned for its eighth and final season on Sunday night, and while it may not have been terribly heavy on the action, it at long last brought together all of the remaining Stark siblings (and adopted sibling) who we previously assumed were never ever ever getting back together. While Sansa and Arya had previously taken up residence at their former home in Winterfell last season, they were joined by Jon Snow in a heartwarming reunion, as well as Bran Stark in a, uh, less heartwarming reunion.

Sansa, Arya, and Jon have all seen some shit, however none so much as Bran, who has literally been jaunting through space and time as the three-eyed raven (while being carted around in the current timeline) over the better part of a decade since he last saw his siblings. And let’s just say everything he’s gone through has made him super not fun at parties!

Indeed, Bran spent the premiere mostly just lurking around Winterfell and sort of generally creeping everybody out with his weird stare, but he saved his best for Jaime Lannister — who he may not (but almost definitely does) remember pushing him out the window way back in season one, which led to his current predicament.

So while there may have been a lot to unpack in the season eight premiere, people also had plenty of jokes about Bran Stark and his stare, which became a full-blown meme as the episode unfolded — as you can see by the many examples below.

Others had jokes about Bran’s reunion with Jaime:

And then finally, someone else just wants to crowdsource a ramp to get poor Bran out of the dang courtyard. Guy’s got to be cold by now, right?

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