‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Waited Years To Watch This Soaring Moment In The Season 8 Premiere


(Warning: Plentiful Game of Thrones spoilers shall be found below.)

Game of Thrones‘ season 8 premiere went off with a bit of Direct TV hitch, but the episode itself contained several moments for which fans have waited quite some time. Many overdue onscreen reunions went down, but for the purposes of this discussion, we’re gonna chat about Jon Snow’s first dragon ride. Trailers and TV spots already forecast the post-coital Daenerys Targaryen and Jon walking toward her two remaining dragons, Drogon and Rhaegal, so we knew this moment would eventually come. It did live up to expectations, especially regarding Dany having a great time while enjoying Jon’s trepidation.

Mind you, Jon didn’t yet realize in this scene that they’re aunt and nephew, which only added to the anticipation, but Dany told Jon to hop onto Rhaegal and take a flight or get lost, basically. “What if he doesn’t want me to?” he protested. “Then I’ve enjoyed your company, Jon Snow,” she smugly answered. Well, he had no choice, and although Jon later marveled at how horses are now ruined for him, he sure did lose his cool for a few minutes.


As Jon struggled to stay onboard the beast, the Twitter audience had a blast.

The subsequent kisses and embraces between Jon and Dany inspired some obligatory incest-related jokes. (Thrones is definitely back.)

All of this went down after the dragons (who eat “whatever they want”) came up in conversation with Jon Snow caught between Dany and Sansa. This awkwardness is only gonna get uglier as the season continues….