British Version of ‘I’m F*cking Matt Damon’ (Kind Of)

07.06.10 9 years ago 12 Comments

On Friday night, longtime BBC host Jonathan Ross was surprised by guest Tim Minchin when the Australian comic debuted a new song dedicated to Ross, who’s leaving the BBC later this month after 13 years with the network. Well, not quite dedicated to Ross…

Minchin: It’s kind of for you. It’s a request. It’s a song for you.

Ross: That’s very sweet.

Minchin: It’s somewhat of a song for you. It’s a song about you-ish.

And then Minchin launched into a song about how he wants to sleep with Ross’s wife, Kick-Ass screenwriter and huge-tits-haver Jane Goldman. It’s a delight, assuming you can get past Minchin’s teased hair and eyeliner. He’s like a less attractive Russell Brand, except talented.

(Since I brought Russell Brand into the discussion, I’m sure the Brits in the audience will be happy to point out that Brand and Ross are former BBC partners who were fired and suspended, respectively, for a stunt involving messages on 80-year-old actor Andrew Sachs’s voicemail — something about Brand sleeping with Sachs’s granddaughter, I believe. The two are expected to team up for an undisclosed TV project after Ross’s show ends.)

Video via Bleeding Cool. Christopher Walken reading the lyrics to “Poker Face” on Ross’s show here.

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