Watch Abbi Jacobson And Ilana Glazer Surprise Unsuspecting ‘Broad City’ Fans

Four episodes of Broad City‘s fifth and final season have already aired on Comedy Central. Episode five debuts tonight. With only five episodes left after that, this means that Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana (Ilana Glazer) are halfway through their last bout of New York-bound adventures. Abbi has turned 30 and is now making her way through the art world. Ilana started a business and is learning more about herself.

So what’s next?

We’ll obviously have to wait and see, but for now Jacobson, Glazer and the team at Comedy Central decided to celebrate the show’s dedicated fanbase. After all, years before the show first premiered in 2014, the YouTube web series on which it was based was already amassing a huge following. Folks were stanning for Abbi and Ilana long before Amy Poehler and cable television got involved.

“It’s my friends!” a superfan named Alicia declares when asked why she likes Broad City so much. Fellow fan Laura explains that she and her college friend still watch the show together when it airs. Since they no longer live in the same city, however, they FaceTime each other just as Abbi and Ilana do in the show. Little do Alicia, Laura and the rest of the fans interviewed know that Jacobson and Glazer are standing nearby, waiting to surprise them. Watch the whole delightful thing in the video embedded above.

New episodes of ‘Broad City’ season five air Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.