NBC Is Jubilant Over ‘Rescuing’ ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Saying It Fits Better In Their Comedy Lineup Than Fox’s

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Terry Crews is personally thanking Mark Hamill for leading the charge to save Brooklyn Nine-Nine from cancellation, while Andy Samberg and the rest of the cast is giving thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda and the legions of fans for tweeting and begging for another season of Fox’s comedy that was unceremoniously canceled. But it wasn’t the fans — NBC, which picked up the show for a sixth season, says their mind was made up the moment the news broke that Fox was canceling it.

On a call with reporters (via Deadline), NBC Entertainment Group chief Bob Greenblatt said Brooklyn Nine-Nine “fits into our brand of comedy, in many ways better than it ever fit on Fox.” He followed up that statement by saying he never would’ve let SNL alum Andy Samberg go to Fox if he had known he would’ve been cast in the show. Now the Peacock is thrilled to bring the show to their network, and a seventh season isn’t out of the question. But… It’s up to the fans if the beloved comedy gets picked up for a season beyond the next:

“We own it. It’s one of few comedies in recent years to have a really robust international number, a syndication upside which a lot of shows don’t have anymore. So there are a lot of business reasons for it to continue, but it’s too early to tell.”

With all of this positivity and love being spread around by NBC, one has to wonder if Brooklyn Nine-Nine is really on the bubble when it comes to a seventh season at all. Are we a year away from another Twitter campaign to save the show before it heads to Netflix or Hulu?

(Via Deadline)

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