Bryan Cranston Dropped An All-New Walter White Bombshell On CNN

Oh Bryan Cranston, you sure do know how to push our buttons, you marvelous bastard. Earlier today, the Godzilla star sat down with CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield to promote his blockbuster monster flick, as if it needed any more promotion, and he obviously couldn’t get out of the studio without dishing about his most iconic role to date, as Walter White on Breaking Bad. Actually, he’s the one who brought the beloved show up in the first place, as he explained that he almost passed on Godzilla because he was trying to hold any new script to the high standards that he experienced on Breaking Bad. Fortunately, one of his agents talked some sense into him and he ended up starring as Joe Brody.

But since he brought the show up, Banfield wanted to know about that final scene of the final episode – SPOILER ALERT if you’re months behind on TV or whatever – and if there’s a possibility that things weren’t what they seemed. See how diplomatic and kind I’m being with this spoiler nonsense for all of you people that just started watching Breaking Bad online? So if you don’t want it spoiled, don’t watch the video or read anything else, okay?

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Cranston, with that devilish grin that made Elaine Benes fall for Dr. Tim Whatley, told Banfield that we “never saw a bag zip up” and when it comes to whether or not Heisenberg is still alive, well, “Never say never.” Obviously, he’s just teasing, but is he? Is he really? Join me tomorrow for 12,000 words of speculation on why he might not be teasing.

(H/T to TV Line)