‘Buffy,’ ‘Angel’ And ‘Firefly’ Are All Streaming Free On Facebook


If you feel your news feed simply doesn’t have enough Joss Whedon in it, Facebook just did you a huge favor. The social network that is also kind of a streaming video platform is trying to solidify the latter in your mind a bit more by bringing some classic Whedon shows to your eyeballs for free. Well, free with ad interruptions.

The AV Club noted on Friday that Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and Angel are all available for free, in their entirety.
That’s a lot of Joss Whedon, but if you’re into that kind of thing, you might be reviving that Facebook account that you swore off when they ruined the republic for fun and profit.

Anyway, the deal is mean to draw attention to Facebook’s new ‘Watch Party’ function, which lets you watch content in a chat room with your Facebook friends. It’s an interesting idea, and something you can do with any variety of other messaging platforms, but doing it through Facebook does allow for some convenient synchronization, I suppose.

All you need is an (activated) Facebook account to watch, although there will be mid-episode ad rolls perfectly tailored to your every interest and whim for some reason I’m sure it’s totally fine I wouldn’t worry. The shows are available through a licensing agreement between Facebook Watch and 20th Century Fox, which is great news for anyone who didn’t catch any of these shows when they were on the first time. Or, you know, those that want to relive Sarah Michelle Gellar’s demon-slaying all over again.

(via AV Club)

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