Carmen Electra And A Psychiatrist Will Counsel Ex-Couples On New Island-Based Dating Show

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Great news for fans of island-based dating shows hosted by Carmen Electra: Carmen Electra is hosting a brand new island-based dating show. Titled Ex Isle, the new series for WeTV will feature Electra and a psychiatrist counseling freshly split couples and trying to help thOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. “Ex Isle.” Like “exile.” It’s a pun. This like that movie Made of Honor all over again. Because she was the “maid of honor,” you see, but she was also “made” of “honor.” God, what will they come up with next?

From Deadline:

Set at the Casa de Campo Resort in the Dominican Republic, five former couples will be guided by Dr. Ish Major, a psychiatrist specializing in women, children and families and an expert on broken relationships. With his help, the couples will go through a multi-step process designed to help them break free from the past. Later, 10 singles will arrive at the resort, giving the exes a fresh chance at love. Host Electra will share her own relationship stories.

The interesting thing here is that last sentence, “Host Electra will share her own relationship stories,” and it’s interesting because Carmen Electra has dated Dave Navarro and Dennis Rodman, and has been linked to Prince. This means that there could be a moment on this show where a female castmember complains about her ex, like, leaving laundry on the floor, and Carmen Electra replies “I know what you mean” before launching into a 10-minute story about Dave Navarro wearing her leather pants to the Playboy Mansion and spilling soup on them during dinner with Hugh Hefner. Shows like this are why The Soup is a valuable natural resource. Because I don’t want to watch, but I do — very much — want to know if that happens.

(Via Deadline)