Carole Baskin Is Being Sued For Defamation Of Character

It’s been over six months since Tiger King hit Netflix’s coffers, and yet it’s still a subject of not infrequent tabloid-y speculation and hairpin plot twists. Surely if you’d been told in March that animal rights activist Carole Baskin would wind up being in the news more than its ostensible protagonist, jailed former zookeeper Joe Exotic, you wouldn’t believe it. And yet here she is, on Dancing with the Stars. And — why not? — not she’s being sued for defamation of character.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Anne McQueen, the former assistant of Baskin’s long-missing former husband Don Lewis, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Baskin, claiming that Baskin had smeared her name on a YouTube video released earlier in September. Baskin is said to have claimed McQueen played a role in Lewis’ disappearance. Since Tiger King’s release, there has been mostly baseless speculation that Baskin played a hand in what happened to him, spurred on by her nemesis Joe Exotic. Baskin has repeatedly denied these allegations.

But there’s more! Attached to the lawsuit is an amendment involving Lewis’ three daughters, formally demanding more information on what happened to their missing father, who was presumed dead two decades back. Back during Baskin’s maiden voyage on Dancing with the Stars, the daughters, McQueen, and the family attorney bought ad space during the broadcast, airing a commercial in which they asked the nation for information on Lewis’ disappearance. So, yes, yet another plot twist in the nonstop tale of Tiger King, the seven-part Netflix documentary series that won’t die.

(Via THR)