A Crying Cartoon Trump Needs The Bedtime Reassurance Of Steve Bannon On ‘Colbert’

Dry those tears, cartoon Trump. Cartoon Bannon is here to ease your fears or at least prey on them in this hilarious Late Show animated sequence from Friday. We imagine the flesh President Trump might prefer Finding Dory in his animated fare. Just a hunch.

The Colbert take on Trump and Bannon’s relationship plunks the two men at the president’s bedside. Decked out in his pyjamas (but no bathrobe), President Trump needs a story from “Bedtime with Breitbart” to help him sleep and on awful lot of reassurance from his big “Bannie.”

“And that’s how the Democrats raised millions of Mexicans from the dead to vote against you,” ends cartoon Bannon’s night-night story.

Unfortunately for Bannon, Trump is reduced to tears thinking about how celebrities (non-Baio division) aren’t his buds.

“Bannie?” asks the orange animated White House dweller. “It’s just… why don’t the celebrities like me?”

At the moment, Colbert’s Late Show seems to be rather well-liked by celebrities and civilians alike. With Trump in office, Colbert has seen a ratings bump and has been etching out more of an identity with viewers as a more news-focused alternative to fellow time slot neighbors Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel. If things keep going this way, maybe Showtime will spring for a cartoon Trump & Banny animated series. Probably not, but we live in interesting times.