Cee Lo Is Going To Do A Christmas Special With The Muppets

10.25.12 13 Comments
I will always use this picture for a story about Cee Lo

This is perfect. Cee Lo Green, judge on The Voice and confirmed space alien, is going to star in a Christmas special with the Muppets. Titled Cee Lo’s Magic Moment, the assuredly colorful extravaganza is set to premiere Friday, November 30 on the TV Guide channel, and will feature the singer performing songs off his new holiday album (WHAT YES):

The festive one-hour special will be taped in front of a live audience and feature songs from Cee Lo’s upcoming holiday album along with behind-the-scenes footage and guest performances. Helping the singer spread holiday cheer will be Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the rest of The Muppet gang, who will join Cee Lo in a rendition of his new holiday single, “All I Need Is Love.” Cee Lo will also perform a duet of “Merry Christmas, Baby” with rock legend Rod Stewart and collaborate with Eric Benet on “Silent Night.” [TV Guide]

Is there anyone better suited to doing a Christmas special with the Muppets than Cee Lo? I vote no, for the following reasons: 1) He is tiny and round and adorable. 2) His songs are often very catchy and upbeat. 3) He favors loud, brightly colored, fuzzy clothing. Based on those three things, you could actually make a pretty decent argument that Cee Lo is himself a Muppet. Kind of a male, hip-hop version of Miss Piggy. It’s a match made in heaven.

Also, please consider this your periodic reminder that A Muppet Christmas Carol is the bomb.

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