Channing Tatum Gets Help From Ellen For A ‘Magic Mike’ Dance Opening On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Channing Tatum needed a little motivation to get into the spirit to guest host Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday. He’s following a successful appearance from Dave Grohl — complete with David Letterman costume — and probably needs to step up his game to enter the fray in late night. Luckily his top guest for the night is current daytime queen and dance addict Ellen DeGeneres and she has just the motivation he needs to get out on stage to host the best show he can.

Once she hits play on the boom box, things soon fall into place and Tatum is off into the studio to dance with all of the Kimmel “staffers” that are all expert dancers themselves. Who knew, right? Even the janitor falls in line and starts to do his part, bringing a story to life between himself and his mop.

Tatum even takes the fun into the bathroom, possibly in a scene from the third Magic Mike film where an older, wiser Mike gets the feeling back while in a men’s public restroom and just has to start dancing. And Jonah Hill can make a cameo as the guy scared for his life inside the only working stall in the bathroom. That’s a hit movie and could even open the door for Matthew McConaughey to return from Macau or something, for a dance war. The film writes itself from there.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)