Channing Tatum Debuted His ‘Magic Mike Live’ Dancers To A Screaming ‘Ellen’ Audience

If there was ever a perfect storm of insanity for Ellen to put on her stage, Channing Tatum would be the one to create it. And just to make sure things go incredibly crazy, he brought along the dancers from Magic Mike Live in Las Vegas. The results were some hysterical women, a bunch of shirtless men, and one lady who seems to black out during a short private dance on the stage. The entire thing makes you wonder why you wouldn’t just go to a male strip club, but I believe the pageantry of the Vegas stage show might be a little better than your typical male nude revue.

Also on the show, Tatum invited a group of nurses who begged to come to Ellen to see Magic Mike Live in Vegas. The response is similar to above, but I think they were likely more excited to get their tickets to Ellen than to see the shirtless men. Or maybe they’re just overcome by the sensory overload going on around them, including the fact that they’re sharing a couch with Channing Tatum.

This all comes after Tatum lost his own composure while posing for photos with Olympic medalist Simone Biles.