Charlie From ‘It’s Always Sunny From Philadelphia’ Has Been Wearing The Same Shoes For The Entire Series


The National Museum of American History is home to such television artifacts as Archie Bunker’s chair from All In the Family, the ticking stopwatch from 60 Minutes, and, hopefully someday, Charlie Kelly’s shoes from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Unbeknownst to anyone who isn’t Charlie Day (or anyone around Charlie Day when he’s wearing them, since they probably smell horrible), the actor has been wearing the same pair of shoes since season one.

“I bought these kicks in 2004,” he wrote on Instagram, “and I’ve worn them in pretty much every Sunny episode since.” (It’s worth noting that Sunny didn’t premiere until 2005.) Those shoes — which the accurately named Sneaker News labels as “Vans Sk8-Hi” — have been with Charlie when he wrote a musical, when he practiced bird law, and when he murdered god knows how many rats. They’re his security blanket, but way more disgusting.

(An out-of-context sentence from the way-too-informative Sunny Wiki: “Given his concern that Dee’s size 13 feet (size 11 in men’s) will stretch his sneakers out, his shoe size is likely a 10.5 at most.” Also, the only episodes that the shoes don’t appear are apparently “The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods,” “The Gang Goes to Hell: Part Two,” and “The Gang Goes to a Water Park.”)

Expect to see them at the Smithsonian when Sunny goes off the air, or if.