Looks Like ‘And Just Like That…’ Will Give Us More Shades Of Villainous Che Diaz (And Their Dad) In Season 2

It’s (still) October, so that means that it’s a great time to talk about The Greatest Horror Villain who ever lived. They managed to top several other scary things about And Just Like That… on HBO Max, and of course, I’m talking about Che Diaz, who rattled the Internet, which got a little carried away with jump scare claims. This didn’t seem uncalled for, and yet, I actually ended up enjoying Che Diaz by the end of the first season because the show wrote them to be interesting (and not a safe representation of a non-binary character) and abrasive, and I actually wanted to know more about Che Diaz. I’m not sure that I’ve ever felt that way about any Sex and the City character in the franchise’s history.

I wasn’t alone in my (begrudging) enthusiasm, given that showrunner Michael Patrick King told Variety that “[o]ne of my burning passions about Season 2 is Che,” and King added, “I want to show the dimension of Che that people didn’t see, for whatever reason — because they were blinded, out of fear or terror.” From there, we’re receiving news that Che (who headed out to LA for a sitcom pilot with Miranda determining to join them) will now interact with their dad (on a few levels), and we’ve heard this name before because Che mentioned, “Tony Danza is coming in to read for my father. He’s not Mexican or Irish but he is Tony Danza.”

Deadline’s Nellie Andrea reports that, yep, Tony Danza heard the call, and he’s now officially onboard. Via Deadline:

In a meta casting, Tony Danza has been tapped for a recurring role in Season 2 of HBO Max’s And Just Like That…

Noone would comment but I hear Danza will play Che Diaz’s (Sara Ramirez) father in the sitcom they wrote about their family.

So, it sounds like Tony Danza is actually Che’s real-life father (surprise!), so that could be fun. I’m also looking forward to seeing another side of Che who isn’t merely a self-professed sex bomb with a flair for being praised for groan-inducing stand-up jokes. FWIW, actor Sara Ramirez, received lot of backlash for the role and seems alright with this, so bring on more shades of Che.

(Via Deadline)