Cheetos Jumps On The Meesage-Oriented Super Bowl Commercial Bandwagon On ‘SNL’

Whether it was a case of consciousness, coincidence or just exploiting the current political climate for monetary gain, this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads featured far less goofy shenanigans than usual and more ads driven by a message of inclusiveness. SNL noticed and lampooned the trend with expert precision during last night’s spoofs-n-goofs.

The orange snack dust delivery system Cheetos is on the hunt for new ads in the sketch with two agencies with VERY different ideas for how to sell these delicious food-adjacent things. One team pitches ads featuring people having fun and eating Cheetos while the other presents Cheetos commercials that tackle immigration, trans visibility and religious inclusivity with the cheesy vending machine staple serving as the shining beacon for this truth.

“We open on a Mexican person wearing a sombrero,” begins a pitch from Alec Baldwin.and Aidy Bryant’s ad gurus. “He takes it off, underneath there’s a Muslim woman. The Muslim woman takes off her hijab and underneath is a Jewish person. The Jewish person takes off his yarmulke. Underneath is a Cheeto.”

Saturday Night Live has a sneaky good track record of sending up how companies and consumers are navigating the push for progress, so you’re in good Cheeto-caked hands with this yuk-em-up.