Chris Evans Isn’t Sure If Wearing Sweaters ‘Works’ For Him Anymore

Knives Out didn’t win the Academy Award for Best Costume Design (Little Women did, rightfully so), but Chris Evans’ sweater in Rian Johnson’s modern-day whodunnit won our hearts. The white cable-knit sweater became A Thing on the internet, and it’s not hard to understand why: it’s Chris Evans… in a sweater… what don’t you understand?

Unfortunately for Captain America (and us), though, the sweater has been retired.

Appearing on Thursday’s The Tonight Show, Evans was asked by host Jimmy Fallon whether he’d ever break the sweater out of the Smithsonian, where I assume it’s being held, and wear it again. Think of all the thirsty Instagram likes! “I can’t wear the sweater. I mean, it’s a shame, I love cable knits,” Evans said. “But now I feel like when I wear them people are like, ‘Urgh.’ I don’t know if it works anymore.” It works. Trust me.

“I didn’t realize it was going to be a sweater game until we started putting them on him. I don’t remember the brands of them, because I was just grabbing so much from all over the place,” Knives Out costume designer Jenny Eagan told us about Evans’ look in the film. “The fact that it takes place on the East Coast really set a tone. I wanted him to feel very relaxed, as you can see he has a lot of attitude and is too cool for everyone. He spends a lot of money on his clothes but he could care less about taking care of any of them. That is why I thought this cable-knit sweater looked great with the hole.”

You can watch the rest of The Tonight Show interview below.