The History Of Chris Farley And David Spade’s On-Screen And Off-Screen Friendship

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07.22.15 10 Comments

Saturday Night Live has produced some of the finest comedic teams in cinematic history, and one of the greatest is definitely the personal and professional relationship forged between Chris Farley and David Spade. It’s easy to lose sight of the true Farley — the man behind the mania — between his untimely death and his larger than life screen and stage presence. While Farley and Spade worked well with others and on their own, there was something about them that worked best together. Between Spade’s snarky deadpan and Farley’s earnest lunacy, there was something about it that just worked. Due to their long hours sharing an office at 30 Rock, a genuine friendship was forged between the two, as well. With the upcoming release of the documentary I Am Chris Farley, people are once again revisiting the void that Farley left behind and how he affected those who knew him best, and few knew him better than David Spade, who’s celebrating his 51st birthday today.

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